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Welcome to Hill Trading Co, your best source for salon-quality feather hair extensions, feather hair extension bundles and feather earrings.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, our family has been in the feather business for over 40 years making and selling feather jewelry, feather hair extensions, feather earrings, and peacock feather earrings. Our primary market is salons, boutique stores and individuals who love beautiful, high-quality feather products.

Our feather hair extensions come from the premium grower in the country, Whiting Farms. All of our feathers--hair feathers and earring feathers--come from sources we've known and worked with for decades. The feathers are carefully hand sorted to provide you with highest quality feathers available on the market.

We offer a huge selection of feather hair extensions in elegant natural tones and rich and vibrant colors. In addition to loose feather hair extensions, we offer feather hair extension bundles in groupings of two (with tinsel), three and five premium feathers 7" - 12" long. We carefully select the feathers and bundle them with non-toxic keratin for easy installation and removal.

We stand by our products and enjoy over 95% return customer and referral rate. We encourage you to try our feather products.

Thank you, Adrienne Hill and Cedra Hill owners/artists

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