Hair Feather Product Specifications

Definitions: Grizzly -- a stripped feather that is natural (brown or black stripes) and can be dyed. Solid -- a solid colored feather, either natural colors or dyed. Bundles -- groupings of feathers tipped with keratin.

We offer the highest salon-quality hair feathers for fashion feather hair extensions. Our premium product is offered in loose bulk feather selections, bundled hair feather extensions, and other accent hair feather options.

Hill Trading Co. is a feather family tradition. Fifty years of feather adornment brings us to the forefront in feather fashion. Trust us to know quality premium product, and always bring it to you at the fairest feather market value. We offer a diverse array of hair extension feather options.

--Loose hair feathers are offered in vibrant solid and color grizzly loose hair packs, packaged on a long card with a long individual hair feather zip lock bag.

-- Bundled hair feathers are offered with a tidy keratin tip for easy installation and greater longevity as a feather hair extension. Our bundles are offered in five hair feather selections, three hair feather selections, and two hair feather with hair tinsel selections.

--Thick accent feather hair extensions are available in vibrant solid colors and colored grizzly hair feathers. Thick accent hair feathers come in varying lengths and widths, but all are of premium quality, often with a bit of fun fluff as well.

-- Short loose hair extension feathers are offered in both grizzly hair feather selections and solid with grizzly color selections. All of our shorts are of the premium quality, though also vary in width.

-- A diverse array of feather earrings and grizzly feather earrings are a true Hill family tradition. Our family has made feather earrings for the fun and adorning masses of the festivals in the Pacific Northwest for two generations now. Our fine feather earrings are of the highest quality, and range from the radically dramatic to the simply elegant.

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