Single Solid Dyed Hair Feather Extension -- Loose Single Selection Tool

Single Solid Dyed Hair Feather Extension -- Loose Single Selection Tool
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Feather Hair Extension Description

Use our new selection tool to create your own choice of individual feather hair extensions. We offer our wide range of custom brilliant colors of solid single feathers.

Use the Color option drop down menu and select a quantity in the shopping cart to choose your single accent or create your individualized collection. For a view of each Dyed feather Color Style, you can view the color swatch images on our Single Feather Selection page, where single feathers are also available as separate listings.

These premium hair extension feathers are 7-12 inches long and can be washed, blow dried, curled and flat ironed. The hair feathers are not bundled together, but are sold as loose singles of hair feathers. They are simple to install, and one may combine loose feathers into various combinations.

Our premium hair extension feathers are of highest salon quality. Hair feathers are easily installed using our hair extension tool, silicon-coated microlinks, and needle-nosed pliers.

Our myriad color offerings are rich and vibrant, due to the custom nature of our feather dyeing. If you desire a specific color in any feather, please contact us through the notes in the shopping cart, our email (, or our contact phone number (541) 941-7647.

Add our Solid Dyed Color single long feather to your shopping cart and adjust the desired number of items within the shopping cart.

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