Five Feather Summer Bright Feather Hair Extension Bundle

Five Feather Summer Bright Feather Hair Extension Bundle
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Feather Hair Extension Description

We wanted a colorful, bright summer feather hair extension bundle grounded in warm natural tones and developed this fun five feather hair extension mix-- three of four bright colors including a yellow hair feather, an electric green hair feather, hot pink hair feather, an orange and two natural warm ginger colored hair feathers. We select the bright colors and surprise you with a delightful summer hair feather bundle. Each feather hair extension bundle will have at least one grizzly feather.

These premium hair extension feathers are 7" - 12" and can be washed, blow dried, curled and flat ironed. The hair feathers are bundled together at the top with a non toxic keratin tip which is easy to install and will last longer in the hair as feather hair extensions.

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