Three Feather Hair Extension Tipped Bundles Color Grizzly

Three Feather Hair Extension Tipped Bundles Color Grizzly
Feather Hair Extension Bundles: YES! We have premium hair extension feathers in stock! We have carefully hand-selected premium long hair extension feathers in beautiful natural tones and vibrant colors to create a variety of striking, fun, and elegant feather hair extensions. We personally assemble each bundle--we are a family run business and take pride in our product.

Three Feather Bundled Feather Hair Extensions: The three hair feather bundle is an assortment of three striking and slender feathers @7 - 12 inches long, bundled at the top with a salon quality adhesive for easy installation and use. These hair extension bundles are built with a layered feather look, and can be installed in many different placements in the hair. The three feather hair extension bundle is appealing with its fewer feathers, so one may split up a selection and place in two or more locations in the hair. Our three feather hair extension bundles are a great option as a dramatic stand alone extension, or to combine with other accent feathers as a complement.

One advantage of using the bundled hair extensions is the ease of installation. One simply takes the hair extension bundle, with a nice tidy keratin tip, and slip it into the microlink that is placed in the hair. The tipped hair extension bundle allows for easy installation and will stay in the hair as a feather extension for a much longer period of time, as the tip allows for both adhesion and grip in the hair.

Customization of Hair Feathers: You can ask for your some customization of your order by making notes in the ‘comments’ section of your order. We also are happy to take email requests ( and we always love to hear from you (541) 941-7647. We are known for our high standard of customer service, and we have a dedicated line of clients who see us as a source with such a high worth as to keep us their secret! We have a great stock of premium feathers, and even have specialty items that are not always listed on the website. If you are looking for fashion forward uniqueness and hope for something that stands out, our feather hair extensions and accessories will be the way.

Wholesale/Retail Pricing: Due to the pressure on feathers and lack of availability, our prices have had to fluctuate with the market. We are very happy to have a premium stock of our hair extension feathers, and are open to talking with you about your feather needs. Our prices are as posted. Our feathers are the long, thin ones that people associate with feather hair extensions, from the best breeder arguably in the world.

Tools: We sell 4mm and 3.5 mm silicone-lined microlink crimps and the hair extension tool so you may install your feather hair extensions with ease and use your feather hair extension(s) immediately.

Information on feathers: We use the highest quality feathers in the world from a safe, reputable domestic source in the US. Because feathers are natural and organic products, they do vary and each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. Colors may vary slightly from the photos as feathers take on color differently and dye batches may vary. The feathers may be treated like your hair--washed, curled, blow dried (low heat), etc. When using a curling iron or flat iron, please use low heat and it is adviseable to surround the feather with hair for added protection. To correct damage or curl in feathers, use steam--it cures nearly everything! Hold the feather over steam (ie. a teapot's stream of steam) and smooth it gently.

Shipping Orders: We process our orders as quickly as possible. Larger orders may take longer. Relative to the volume of orders, we generally get our orders out by the next day, and often even same day. Our average processing time may vary, as we are a family owned and operated business. We have the highest professional standards, however, and work very hard to effectively process our orders with the highest quality result. Please contact us if you need an overnight shipment to see if it is possible. Priority Mail takes 2 - 3 business days once the order is shipped; first class mail takes 3 - 5 days typically. Overnight Express takes up to 2 days for $25 on special request.

Contact Adrienne Hill or Cedra Hill at with questions or call (541) 941-7647. Also check us out on Facebook at the Hill Trading Co. facebook page!

Return Policy: If you are disatisfied with any of our products, you can return them undamaged/unused within 7 days for a full refund or credit.

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